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School Professional Consultation & Development.

QuaDucation provides pre-inspection consultancy and guidance to help schools identify their strengths and areas for improvements. In addition, the company provides solutions for schools to overcome areas for improvement based on UAE national and international expectations.

  • Providing support, guidance and consultation in the formation of the school self-evaluation (SEF) and school development plan (SIP), which are essential documents in the process of school inspection. 

  • Providing support, guidance and consultation for all levels of learning including Kindergarten to Secondary. This service deepens the understanding of school leadership and staff members of Early Years education using the up-to-date relevant framework and expertise.

  • Providing support, guidance and consultation to improve the quality of teaching, which includes professional training sessions, lesson observation and feedback, curriculum adaptation, lesson planning, and department operations. This also includes support for teaching in all key subjects.

  • Providing support, guidance and consultation to school senior leadership and management teams and school Governance Board. This comprehensive support covers all school operational procedures and policies such as compliance, wellbeing policies, resources and other logistics issues.

  • Providing support, guidance and consultation in benchmarking and using students’ assessment data in the school SEF and SIP and in the planning of lessons. This includes all national and international assessment data such as EMSAT, PBTS, PIRLS, TIMMS, PISA and many others.

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