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Operations & Management Guidance.

QuaDucation consultants will help schools in the management and operation side, to become more effective. Our services will work on two main aspects:

  1. School Management Consultations.

  2. School Operation Consultations 

Study Group

1. School management consultations: we will provide the consultation after long assessment for the following services:

  • Talent Acquisition: to identify, recruiting, and interviewing individuals suitable for employment with the school and for hiring all staff and personnel necessary for the proper operation and administration of the school.

  • Human Resources Administration: to conduct background checks on newly hired School employees, processing and maintaining all personnel records for School employees, and implementing and enforcing workplace rules, policies, and procedures (including disciplinary and termination procedures).

  • Financial Management:  to be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the financial operation of the school (including budgeting, internal controls, fiscal policies) and provide the best practices for the financial operation process.

  • Improving School Leadership: our toolkit designed to help policy makers, practitioners, and relevant stakeholders to analyze their current school leadership policies and practices and develop a common understanding of where and how to take action to Improving School Leadership policy recommendations.

  • Marketing & Digital Media (MDM): our toolkit marketing strategy will enable your school to identify its unique offerings and features that set you apart from your competitors and clearly position your school in the local area, as well as to your target student demographic.

2. School operation consultations: we will provide the consultation after long assessment for the following services:

  • Facility & Risk Management Program (FRM): Many of the accidents and injuries that occur at schools and colleges can be avoided with a few simple precautions. Our program is designed to help you prevent or reduce damage to your property; injuries to students, employees and visitors and enhance the safety of your school entity.

  • Operation & Maintenance Program (O&M): Operations and Maintenance program (O&M) offers not only strategies for maintaining facilities, but also opportunities for reducing energy costs and increasing energy efficiency at existing schools, regardless of age. QuaDucation will provides detailed and practical guidance on how K-12 school districts can plan and implement enhancements to their current O&M programs that can successfully maintain their facilities while also reducing energy costs.

Let's Work Together

We are looking forward working with you,,, 

lets meet over coffee and discuss your vision together.

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